Thursday, April 5, 2018

What editor?

Hi guys! I’m back, to tell you even more about me. This feels strange, for me, because I really feel like I do this kind of series all the time… even though by my records, it’s been a very long time since we’ve talked about who I am and what I do.

Again, welcome to all you newcomers out there! It’s great to have you as a part of TMBTC!

Tuesday, we talked about my being a writer. Today, the logical progression…

I’m an editor

This too started in college. Many things do, don’t they?

While I was beginning my writing career, I simultaneously started my editing one—without really realizing it. See, I started editing by tutoring, in my freshman year. My English professor was struggling with one of the other students, one who spoke Arabic as her primary language. The professor asked me to help, since I sat beside the student anyway, and was easily gliding through the class. So I did. I essentially tutored her through the class, and helped her pass with high marks. From then on, I started helping students in all my classes. Whenever there was a paper that needed doing, I made it very clear that I was more than happy to help anyone and everyone pass with high marks, and that the only payment I required was food (it was college, after all).

I honestly don’t remember how many of my fellow students I helped. This is actually something I still do, from time to time. If any of my friends who are still in college need help with their term papers or assignments, I’m more than happy to help them. I love learning, I love reading, I love editing. So it’s not hard for me to take time out for things like that, especially when it's in a topic in which I don't generally work. Then, I get to learn something too.

Before college was even over though, RAD Writing had come into play—as had Mavguard Magazine. And Mavguard asked me to come on as their primary editor.

I had so much fun!

Mavguard is a literary and art magazine run by RAD Writing. They publish short stories, art, and poetry from all over the states—and I had the chance to edit these amazing pieces, and fit them together into a beautiful magazine.

My relationship with RAD Writing only advanced from there. Over the years, I started working as a freelance novel editor for RAD, until last year, when they brought me on as an associate.

So now it’s something that I not only do for fun, but something I do for a living.

It’s one of the biggest things that I associate myself with. I’m a writer, yes, but I’m an editor. Editing is as much my passion as writing. I love words, I love finding truth and mystery in them, I love discovering through them. That’s also why I blog. I just can’t get enough words in my days.

I’m Rani Divine, you know. And I’m an editor.

Next week, we’ll talk about a couple more things, which you might not know about me.


{Rani D.}

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