Thursday, August 16, 2018

View Again

Happy Thursday! Thanks for checking back in—I’m happy you stopped by. :)

This month, we’ve been talking about ways to be a better friend to the author in your life, to show them you support them in what they’re doing, and really, to be a better friend in general. It’s something I think we could all stand to learn from (me included), which is why I really wanted to take August to talk about it.

At this point, we’ve bought the book, read the book, and told our other friends about the book… but there’s something we’re missing.

#4 Review the Book

You read the book, didn’t you? So why haven’t you reviewed it? Sure, Amazon takes issue to friends posting reviews of their friend’s books, but that doesn’t mean you can't post a review on Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, or somewhere else online. There are plenty of places where you could be posting reviews, and reviews honestly help authors get more readers.


Well, how often do you check the reviews before you buy something?

All the time?

Thought so.

That’s also how readers decide what book they’re going to read next. A lot of readers go to Amazon, BN, or Goodreads before they’ll so much as pick up a book and look at it. Your positive review could mean the world to your reader friend—and in more ways than one.

See, for one thing, it proves to your author friend that you did indeed read the book. I don’t know why, but many of us think our friends are lying when they say they’ve read our books. Maybe it’s experience, or maybe it’s just this general fear that our friends won’t actually like what we’ve written, but without evidence via reviews, we all tend to think you didn’t actually read the book. We’re really sorry about that too, but if we’ve published more than one book, we’ve learned that not everyone who says they’re going to read it actually will. It's life.

But, more than that, posting a review is just another way you can support your author friend. It’s another way you can tell them they’re doing a good job, that they’re really in the right field by pursuing their writing—all this, by you reviewing the book.

Three stars and up, we’re thrilled. Stoked. We’ll probably even do a little happy dance.

You could do that for us. You could be the one to plant a massive smile on our faces. All you have to do is go online and submit a review.

How hard is that?

I’ll tell you: it isn’t. ;-)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


{Rani Divine}

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Hey guys! Welcome back!

This month, we’ve been talking about ways to support the authors in your life. Statistically, it’s pretty likely that you know at least one author, so I thought it’d be good to share with you a little bit of what we need from our friends—and how you can be a better friend to us.

Because, really, we could all stand to be better friends to one another. If we’re being honest. I could too.

At this point, we’ve both purchased and read the book our wonderful author friend has released, but what can we do now? What else is there that might encourage our little indie author to keep doing what they’re doing?

Well, we could...

#3: Get Others to Buy the Book

I know, I know, that’s not your job. It’s a full time job, and a hard one. One that most of us don’t even want to think about. But it’s also one of the nicest things you can do for your author friends.

And! There are some really simple ways you can go about doing this without expending much effort at all.

When you’re with a group of people and you know one of those people reads, tell them about your friend’s book. You’ve read it by now, so you know a little bit (at least) of what it’s about. Tell them you know the author, that you can probably get them a signed copy if they want one. Maybe even carry your friend’s card, so people you come across will be able to look the book up online.

Or, even easier, click “share” on Facebook! And don’t just do it once. Every time you see a link by your friend, talking about their book, share it. Like it. Comment on it. That’s how social media works. Things get seen by more people by being seen by a few people. Your like or share could mean the world to your author friend, even if only because you’re sharing with your other friends how cool it is to know an author and to have read their book. Plus, you never know, you might be introducing one of your friends to their new favorite author. That, I know, would make any author's year.

It’s all about support, really. It’s all about showing your friend that you care, that you want to do what you can to support their work, and that you will always be an encouragement to them.

After all, isn’t that what you’d want, if you were in their shoes?

It’s really not that hard. Tell people about the book. Get excited about it. I guarantee your author friend will be elated to see how much you care. I would be. 


{Rani Divine}

Thursday, August 9, 2018


Hi guys! I hope your weeks are going well! Me, I’ve been busy as ever, but having a lot of fun along the way. And for today, we’re taking a logical progression path through the eight best ways to support your author friends. Tuesday, we talked about buying the book, about saving your money and getting a copy of that book as soon as you possibly can, just so your author friend knows you care… but, you know, there’s more you could be doing.

#2: Read the Book

No, I really don’t care if you like to read. I don’t really care if you think it’s cool that you know an author, but you never read so you’ll never pick the book up (that’s not an excuse to not buy it either, by the way). I honestly don’t care. (and yes, I'm aware how that might bother some of you)

Why don't I care?

Because if you did something cool, if you made a CD or were in a dance recital or got a new job and wanted to celebrate, I bet your author friend will be right there cheering you on. Why do I think this? Because authors love seeing people in the arts, we love celebrating the arts. And what we do is part of the arts as well.

Our celebration of you doesn’t change just because we don’t like the thing you’re doing. Maybe you’re a rapper and you have a gig this weekend. Well, I honestly can't stand rap. But I’d probably still go if I knew you, because I’d want to support you.

It’s the same concept, it just might take you a little longer to do.

Read the dang book.

Your friend put a lot of time and effort into creating this book, into writing this beautiful story that they finally came up with the courage to share with the world around them—and you can’t even bring yourself to read it? *sigh*

There’s your problem.

To support your author friends, you need to get out of your head and into the book. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to understand it. But you should read it, if only to tell your author friend that you love and support them in their new endeavor.

Be a friend. That’s basically what this boils down to. Be a friend, buy the book, and read it.

Like we talked about on Tuesday, you never know—you might actually find that you love the book, and find yourself with a whole new hobby you never knew you could enjoy.

Story is all around us. Story is a part of life. Reading is just another way of experiencing story, and your author friend would love if you’d take the plunge with them, even if it’s just this once.


{Rani Divine}