Tuesday, December 4, 2018

You Did Well

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Too Many Books to Count! I’m glad you stopped by. :)

This month, as with every month, we’re starting a new series. And this month, I wanted to do something I’m pretty sure I’ve never done before. I want to talk about this year. I want to spend the entire month of December talking about 2018, and ushering in 2019. Why? Because I have some things to say, which I think a lot of you might really need to hear.

As we close out the year, remember…

#1: You did well this year

Even if you feel like you didn’t.

I wanted to start out with this one, because at the end of the year we tend to look back at our year and think of all the things we could’ve (or should’ve) done differently. We look back and sigh, thinking of what our year could’ve been, if we’d made different choices, if we’d turned left instead of right, if we’d taken that vacation instead of staying home to work (or vice versa). And for that, I thought we ought to take some time to remember there’s no point in could’ve/would’ve/should’ve.

Absolutely no point.

So as we close out this year, I want you to look back on your year. I want you to take a good hard look at 2018, and focus on the good that happened.

Think about the times with your friends.
The laughter you shared with others.
The lives you spent time with.
The smiles that made your heart melt.
The times you purposefully snuck up behind the person you love and startled them so bad they peed their pants. (not sayin' I did this, but, you know...)

Think about the good things, and let them be enough to drown out the bad. You did well this year, remember? You had a good year. Some good things happened to you. So focus on those.

You had some triumphs, this year. Some successes. Some moments of glory.

Those are the things that 2018 should remind you of, when you look back on it. Those are the things you want to keep in mind.

This was a good year, if you think about it right.

And that’s what I’m asking you to do. To remember. 2018 was a good year. You did well this year. And you’ll look back on it and smile.

Do that every year, and your every January will be better than the one before.


{Rani Divine}

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